Importance of scaffoldings in construction industry

Importance of Scaffoldings in Construction Industry

The construction and the real estate industry is developing at a very fast pace and the same could be witnessed in growing numbers of towing buildings. The construction of the towing buildings is only possible with proper construction techniques and use of modern facilities. With frequent innovations in the same domain, the bamboo structures have transformed into metallic structures and termed as Scaffoldings. The Scaffoldings are available with the contractors or they may also avail the same on rent till the time of construction project to end. The array includes various kinds of Scaffolding Fittings and Scaffolding Accessories that are made up of highly durable metal to meeting the set international standards in terms of quality and performance

Here are some of the Scaffolding Fittings used in the construction industry for the providing support to the towering buildings to be built

  • Cuplock System: The Cuplock System is available in two variants like Cuplock Standard i.e., Vertical and Cuplock Ledger i.e., Horizontal. The Cuplock System is easy to use and ensures excellent performance in respective application areas. First the blade end of Horizontals is to be located into the lower cap. The upper cup down the verticals is lowered and is rotated. Using the hammer blow, the fittings are tightened. In one single action a positive & right connection of units is assured.
  • Scaffolding Prop: The standard size of the Scaffolding Prop is outer member made from 60.3mm OD and inner member made from 48.3mm OD. The Scaffolding Prop is also commonly known as Adjustable Props that are used to support at construction sites for building of high structured buildings and towering structures.
  • Base Jack: The base jack is also one of an important fitting in the scaffoldings. The fitting includes universal jack with adjustable base plate
  • U Head Jack: The Scaffolding U Head Jack is available in both Solid as well as Hollow construction and Adjustable stirrup is available. The use of the U Head Jack is to make the part of the vertical frame base to provide support to the inside concrete walls and slab beams. This is done by putting steel pipe and plywood on the U Head Jack.
  • Shuttering Plate: The use of the Shuttering Plate is to give support to construction materials. Thus, making of docks in buildings, walls, culverts, flyovers, beams, etc., have become simple and fast.
  • Scaffolding Chali: The Scaffolding Chali is also one of the important fitting in the range of scaffoldings. The Chali is manufactured using high grade metal that ensures high durability and resistance to adverse conditions and corrosion.
  • Bottom Cup: Bottom Cups also make the part of the array of Scaffolding Fittings. The Bottom Cups in pressed sheet is available in 4 mm and 5 mm, with thickness in diameters ranging from 25 mm and 29 mm. This specification perfectly complies to the international paradigms.
  • Base Plate: To support the scaffolding structure, Base Plate is the main component. The base jacks and the plates are manufactured using high-grade metal that helps in adhering strong structure of the scaffolding.

Apart from all these fittings, Scaffolding Accessories are also very important as these help in fixing the fittings at right place. The gamut is very huge as it includes Coupler, Joint Pin, Top Cup, Prop Nut, Ledger Blade, Jack Handle, Jack Nut, Wing Nut, Prop Sleeve, and many more. The accessories are manufactured using high quality metal that ensures notable features like high durability, resistance to adverse conditions, rust free, high precision and compliance to the international standards.

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