Modern scaffolding being an added advantage over traditional scaffolding

Modern Scaffolding Being An Added Advantage Over Traditional Scaffolding

Bamboos, wooden pallets and ropes are the accessories that were used in the traditional scaffolding. The drawbacks like employing huge labour, time and money have gradually kept these scaffolding aside. The safety of the workers is also a main concern while installing scaffolding around any structure for construction or renovation purposes.

With regular development in the technology, the experts have gradually converted the idea of traditional scaffolding and have introduced modern scaffolding made of durable and rustproof metal. It consists of Scaffolding Prop, Shuttering Plate, Cuplock System, Base Jack, Bottom Cup, Base Plate, Scaffolding Chali, and U Head Jack, that are collectively termed as Scaffolding Fittings. The Scaffolding Accessories like Prop Nut, Ledger Blade, Coupler, Prop Sleeve, Joint Pin, Jack Nut, Jack Handle, Top Cup, Wing Nut, etc., are also required for the installation of safe and sturdy installation of the scaffolding.

On the basis of installation, below mentioned are top five advantages of the Modern Scaffolding and Shuttering Items over the Traditional Bamboo Scaffolding:

  • Constructed By One Person: It’s just the matter of time, the modern scaffolding could be installed by one person very conveniently. The length of the tower is no issue if the person knows the method of assembling the fittings and accessories properly.
  • Lightweight: The fittings and accessories are lighter and thus, this has also helped in introducing a portable scaffolding for construction sites requiring continued construction like bridges.
  • Faster: As all guesswork is eliminated, the installation time has thus reduced and has helped in starting the construction work quickly. The chances of errors have also reduced, so have the chances of accidents at construction sites. As the installation, the scaffolding can also be demolished within no time after completing the work.
  • Rustproof: Use of non-ferrous metal i.e., Aluminium in the manufacturing, make the fittings and accessories of the scaffolding highly resistant to corrosion and durable in nature. Thus, serving as an investment, these could be used for years to come.
  • Easy Job For Amateur: The reason behind the popularity of the Scaffolding Products and Fittings is that the installation does not require a team of skilled and knowledgeable persons. With simple methodology, one person can construct a scaffolding structure of almost 30 feet in no time. There is no possibility of fixing of the tower in the wrong way. Thus, the chances of the accidents are minimised and have assured saving time, manual labour and monetary investment.

The modern scaffolding has become a boon for the construction sector as these have helped in eliminating the wastage of time, labour and money in the installation of the scaffolding structure. The problem at the uneven base has also been rectified as these have adjustable legs to overcome such issues. The manufacturers of Scaffolding and Shuttering Items have also facilitated with the availability of the customised fittings and products to exactly meet the requirements of the application areas. Moreover, these have helped in bringing in advancement in the construction and real estate sector. The construction and renovation work on a large scale have also become simple and time efficient.

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